Thursday, 23 August 2018

songs I like. (Including favorites!)

hi guys! these are song I like. hope you like it! By the way, I dont own any of them. 

lucid dreams.
Jocelyn Flores
girls like you remix
DJ noiz champion remix
sad (clean)
japan (dance challenge)


  1. How could you show that you learnt something here? Maybe review the songs? Or make a video of your own to go with them?

  2. dear Ana. it me (you.) Mr told u to do a PTH comment so here. I really liked my songs because of the beats. it reminded me of when i did this. maybe ext time tell yourself why you did this. from ana.
    (you =)

  3. Talofa there, my name is Fehi and I am a student from Hay Park School in room 6. I really like how you showed your favorite songs to the world to listen too. I made me think of my favorite songs which are almost the same. Have you thought about writing more detail about why you like these songs.If you would like to see my learning, my blog is

    1. hi fehi! i mostly like them cos how the beat goes. thanks!

  4. Hi there my name is Mekilini and I am a student in room 6 at Hay Park school I really liked all the different songs you put on your blog.
    Out of all your songs which song is your top favourite song?
    If you were interested here's is my blog link
    See you later bye.

    1. hi Mekilini. I cant choose since there all so good. thanks for the comment. bye!


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