Friday, 7 December 2018


hello. this is one of my homework videos. i dont own any of the songs in the video but anyways thanks!

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

practise again for summer learning journey. (SLM)

this was one of my reading task but i want to finish it. this doesn't count because this was last years activities and just a practice. thanks

activity 1 day 5  your future self

when i finish school, i want to have a job like my brothers do. they lift up boxes and things for stages. they get money and now they dont have to ask my parents to buy there things.  i want to have a job in a office or study. i would like to study music or learn music. i wouldn't want to go overseas because to much money.

activity 2 day 5 flying cars

i would pick number 2 because you can drive on the road and its pretty nice for a car. it looks like a truck and the reason why i didn't pick the other 2 because if i pick the flying car one, how will i park the car? i cant park because then i'll take probably over 3 parking spots.  i wouldn't pick the fist one to because if its raining, i'll be soaked wet so thats why.

activity 1 day 4 moana

i already watched moana and my favorite part was when she walked into the river and collected the shells.  when she collected the shells then it was cool because the water went away from her. i liked it because it was like magic and looked very cool to me.

activity 2 day 4 country calendar.

i would be a farmer when im older because it looks interesting and i could try something out. i liked how he said he wanted to add theme music and how it sounded. what was challenging was how they had to shave the sheep. i wonder how long it would take my to shave a sheep. I probably would give up in 25 seconds.

activity 1 day 3 Mixed-Member Proportional

i think we could form a great team. for my team i would pick people who are nice and would want to be in my team.

activity 2 day 3 migration

this is my hometown. my hometown is New Zealand. I was born here but my 3 older brothers were born in Nukualofa Tonga. here is the place i was born. Auckland New Zealand. thanks!

activity 1 day 2 chasing great

Richie mcCaw is the captain of the all backs and he loves playing rugby. McCaw has the size and strength to be a punishing defender and he has tasted victory 84 times in those 95 tests for an amazing 88!

activity 2 day 2 sporting hero

I have 2 rugby players i like. one of them is Jason Taumalolo because he is very good at playing and he is a big bulldozer. my other favorite player is Tuimoala Lolohea. he is very good at playing and i was Very HAPPY when he intercepted the ball at one of the games. it was VERY COOL!!

activity 1 day 1 turn of the century

on special events, my family and I go to a restaurant called gengys. we go there on each of our birthdays and have fun there. the first time we started was when my brother turned 16. after that,I went there on my 9th birthday, my brothers 17th birthday and my other brothers 15th birthday. 

activity 2 day 1 lord of the rings

if i had 300 million dollars, i would use it to buy a house for my whole family then split it with my parents and brothers. i would buy some nice things and some things for my aunties and uncles because they took care of me when i was a little girl and they still 

Monday, 3 December 2018

summer learning journey practice

I think that in the year 2099, our houses would be much cooler than this. Their cars might be cooler as well. there houses might be a 5 story house and have a TV on the roof so you could just lye down on your bed and look up to the TV. the walls might be glass but the toilet walls HAVE to be with wood. we might have elevators in our houses and might have sound proof and bullet proof windows so if someone comes in, only the people living in it would hear it. we will eat normal food and we will work in a building with other workers. Thanks!

Blade Runner 2049