Wednesday, 13 June 2018


hi! today we went to M.O.T.A.T and it was very fun. we got to play and got to see some old things to. we went inside a place called simple machines and inside it there was some things you could play with. this is my poster. hope you like it, Bye!


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  2. I Mean Hi My Name is Rajbir and I am from Papakura Central School I would like to go inside a simple machine next Time can you pleas make the writing in your post big to read thanks come visit my blog

  3. Hi my name is Apollo and i go to Waikowhai school.I am in Manukau i love you'r blog. My Favourite part Because has got heaps of information in it. it also reminded me of my cousin that worked at MOTAT. Have you thot about macing the righting bigger so we can read it. if you wont to see my blog go to


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