Thursday, 14 June 2018

My day.2

Today I had a bad day. On morning tea I had cross country practice and we had to do more than 20 laps! Then on lunch time I played touch. we picked our teams but turns out, I had to go in the boys team. I was the only girl in the boys team and I had 1 run. All the other girls were in the other team and  Samoan group was on. It was canceled so Thats why i played touch. There is always Tomorrow so i could play to! hopefully tomorrow i'll play soccer. 


  1. Hi Anaseini i like how you are telling us about your bad day. I think you are writing this so you can not be so angry. How did you stop getting angry??? anyways blog ya later.

    1. Thanks! this is how i stop being angry. thanks though!


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